Erectile dysfunction – what is it

If this unpleasant condition has touched you – take immediate action. The exception is if you are over 70. Then you can accept it and retire to sexual rest. But if you’re here before that, it’s not okay. Impotence is not a topic you discuss with your friends at the bar. Although absolutely everyone has experienced “that awkward moment” at least once. If it still only began to repeat more often than usual, and if the problems have frankly sickened – it’s time to do something about it. At the first stage you can visit and buy special medications. But do not put off going to the doctor.

In most cases, the man goes to the doctor with the problem when it has swelled to maximum proportions. Everyone hopes that “it will pass by itself” and absolutely no one wants to see himself as impotent. In fact – this is all fundamentally wrong attitude. Even the brain throws up unpleasant surprises, because of which the patient behaves inadequately. For example, all of a sudden he starts bragging about his achievements in bed, although this has never been observed before. And this is a rather silly way to hide problems that no one would have known about anyway. But subconscious fear is stronger than common sense. 

If you’re in trouble in bed, do what a mature person in his mind would do: assess the problem, find a solution, and do what you can. To win, the enemy must be studied as deeply and in detail as possible, even if the topic is as unpleasant as possible. 

What is potency and impotence and erectile dysfunction

Let’s deal with the terms of the problem and what is impotence. The “given” clause consists of two terms, potency and the opposite of impotence. Impotence is another name for erectile dysfunction, a term more commonly used by doctors and sexologists, it sounds softer and more delicate, but it means the same thing. Just keep in mind that the article uses both definitions. Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which the body is unable to have sex. Both a short erection and its complete absence are impotence. But because “short erection” is an extensible concept and no one has established an exact reference time, confusion begins. Fans of long marathons, in which ordinary sex takes half an hour or more, suspect a pathology in themselves when the intercourse is reduced to 15 minutes. For others, too, that number is already a big deal. And this is absolutely normal, any condition should be considered with an adjustment to the personal norm, there are no identical people.


According to the severity of impotence is divided into primary and secondary. Let’s start with secondary. This is when you can start sexual intercourse, but there are difficulties with the end. After some time after the beginning, the penis falls down and no longer returns to the “right” state, and the elapsed erection time is not enough for full sex. Owners of primary are less lucky – this word refers to male frigidity, that is, the inability to enjoy sex. In both cases, you can try using these drugs

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