How a Stair Lift Can Help You Remain Aging in Place

Aging in place means making your home easily accessible and installing a is a simple way to do so. It’s also often the first step seniors take as they modify a home to make aging in place a reality since stairs are commonly the most difficult obstacle to mobility.

When your bedroom is on the second level:

Don’t let those stairs intimidate you: You can move freely about your home with a Hoveround Stair Lift installed! If your bedroom is on the second floor, you won’t feel as though you are confined to sleeping on the couch because it’s too difficult to go up the stairs each night. You can go downstairs for breakfast in the morning with ease, so you won’t have that dread when you wake up.

When going up or down stairs causes you pain:

Joint pain and arthritis makes daily activities painful, and can make it especially difficult to walk upstairs. It can also increase your risk of falls. However, with a Stair Lift, you can easily get up those stairs and save the pressure on your knees and other joints – while aiding in fall prevention as well.

When going up stairs leaves you winded:

Whether it’s due to COPD or other health issues, if climbing the stairs in your home leaves you out of breath, a Stair Lift can help. Many people mistakenly think that if they can’t get to their second story bedroom, the only other option is to move into an assisted living community, where things are easier – but that’s not the case!

You can stay in your own home and still go up those stairs simply by installing a Stair Lift – even if you don’t have a need for an  power wheelchair yet.

When you’re supposed to “take it easy”:

Maybe you’ve sustained an injury, have a medical condition or are preventing complications after an accident or surgery. Per doctor’s orders, if you’re not supposed to exert yourself, a Stair Lift will take all the work out of going upstairs. You won’t be putting extra pressure on your heart, lungs, muscles or joints, so you won’t have to feel limited in moving about your home.

Install a Stair Lift!

Remain aging in place and help prevent falls when you install a Hoveround® Stair Lift in your home. 

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