Stairlift Safety Tips You Should Follow

If you or your loved one(s) have trouble walking up and down the steps, then installing a stairlift is one of the best solutions. For those who cannot use the stairs without help, a stairlift allows a person to travel from floor to floor safely and comfortably.

It gives a person their freedom back and can make them feel independent again. A stairlift is fast and convenient and limits the risk of falling or injury. Stairlifts are also extremely safe and dependable if appropriately used. Today we’re going to provide you with some stairlift safety tips that you should follow. 

Stay Buckled

Traveling up and down the steps will be smooth. However, you or your loved one(s) should always remain buckled while the stairlift is in motion. Wearing the seatbelt can prevent falling out of the chair resulting in a possible injury. 

Never Let Children Play on the Stairlift

While it may look fun and tempting to ride up and down, stairlifts aren’t toys. Children using this device without adult supervision can be dangerous. To prevent children from using the stairlift while you are not able to watch them, our stairlifts have a child-proof feature where you can power off the lift to limit use.

Fold the Seat While the Lift Isn’t in Use

Stairlifts come with foldable seats so that they don’t obstruct walkways. If you or your loved one(s) aren’t using the lift, then make sure to fold it up so that no one injures themselves while trying to walk down the steps. Our stairlifts have a safety device so while in motion if there are any items or objects in the way, the device won’t run. 

Avoid Wearing Loose Items and Don’t Transport Liquids

Scarves, long skirts, blankets, and long jackets all should be out of the way while on the stairlift. Make sure to keep these items from hanging over the seat to prevent them from dragging on the track and possibly getting caught. If caught underneath the lift, then they could become trapped and your unit will not run properly. As far as riding with open liquids, you should avoid drinking them on the stairlift. Also, make sure to use a lidded container to transport your drink. Spilling liquid on certain components will damage your unit. 

Only One Person Should Use the Lift at a Time

Lifts have a weight limit. Therefore, it’s not safe to transport more than one person at a time. Even though children tend to be smaller than adults, this is still a safety hazard. Make sure you are aware of the lift’s specific weight capacity and do not overload it. 

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