What’s the Difference Between Curved and Straight Stairlifts?

Getting older can come with some common challenges. One of these challenges is limited mobility. As you age, safety should always be at the forefront. Here at Preferred Elevator, we promote safety.

We want our customers to have peace of mind as they carry on with their daily activities. Stairlifts give those with limited mobility the independence and confidence to move around freely in their homes. What’s excellent about a stairlift is that it can be modified to fit in any home. We offer straight and curved stairlifts. Keep reading to learn the difference between the two!

Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts are an ideal option for homeowners who have staircases that don’t have any landings, curves or turns. The benefits of all stairlifts, whether they are straight or curved, is that they help safely transport those who need help moving around in their home. If your home is multi-leveled and you find that it’s challenging to walk up and down any of the flights of steps, then you should call us for a free estimate. The prices are affordable, and because straight stairlifts can be modified to fit any length stairwell, installation is quick and easy.

Curved Stairlifts

When your staircase has landings, winds, or curves, then you’re still in luck! We install curved stairlifts as well. Curved stairlifts are custom manufactured to fit the contours of your stairwell, no matter the type of turn. A typical misconception is that you can purchase two straight stairlifts to accommodate a unique staircase to avoid having one custom made. Sometimes the situation allows for two straights to be installed, however, this can become an annoyance or even a safety hazard. Two straight stairlifts means that the user has to maneuver from one stairlift to the other in the middle of the stairwell. 

Other Options

If a stairlift isn’t ideal for you, but you still want and need added safety and security in moving around your home, Preferred Elevator also installs residential elevators and wheelchair lifts. We know that you will have questions, and we can help assess what tools you’ll need to gain your mobility back. The aging process comes with its difficulties but can still be enjoyable, and Preferred Elevator can help!

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